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The Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) has been developed by RES as a new form of benefit for communities hosting its wind farms.

This pioneering initiative delivers an easily understandable and equitable way of offering the local community a financial ‘share’ in Jack's Lane Wind Farm, in the form of a direct and tangible benefit.

LEDS at Jack's Lane Wind Farm is offering properties within 2,400 metres of each of the six turbines an annual discount of £100 off their electricity bill throughout the operational life of the wind farm.

The scheme is open to all residential, business and community buildings (including schools, places of worship and village halls) within the eligible area that have an electricity meter.

Eligible properties have been contacted directly by RES with information on how to apply. RES made the first LEDS payment at Jack's Lane Wind Farm in April 2015. 

Together with the Community Benefit Fund, LEDS brings the total community benefits package at Jack's Lane Wind Farm to £75,000 per year, index linked.

If you have any questions regarding community benefits at Jack's Lane Wind Farm, please contact samantha.mayes@res-ltd.com.